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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

From "Divine City: Bangkok Fantasies" by Scott B Robinson

Divine City: Bangkok FantasiesThe narrator watches a mysterious beetle circle his kitchen table:

I thought to myself, ‘It really is the absolute master of this tiny realm. What is it trying to achieve with this dire circumference…? What hex is it attempting to cast?’ And I began to imagine that perhaps instead it saw all, that those impenetrable eyes would engulf the entire cosmos if they only wanted.
Maybe, just as for the solipsist, what it did not gaze upon didn’t even exist.
And it was with these sort of meditations that the forgotten hours of the day dissolved away while the creature’s lengthening shadow shifted back and forth across the table, like a mad shuttle through an invisible weave, like a swart comet witnessed from irrationally far outside its orbit. My vision solidified. My mind began to penetrate into the crevices of that gloriously perfect shell, as though to glimpse beneath the robes of Phra Phrom himself. Becoming the creature—empty and pure. The insect’s mesmerizing silhouette faded into the blackness overtaking the room; its ominous pigment oozed into every corner, out into the world and across the entire city.

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