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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

From "Sparkling Dawn" by Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku

Sparkling DawnAfter half an hour of ignoring each other, Michael made an appeal through gritted teeth. ‘Please, make an effort for my sake. Just for tonight. I might be receiving an award and it will be nice to see that you’re excited to be here with me.’

   What an arrogant man!

   ‘Are you forgetting that I’m also a nominee?’

   Appearances were all Michael cared about. Pretence was his cloak. Chloe remained silent as her eyes discreetly searched for the tan skinned, strong jawed, full eyebrow man seated in front of her.

   At once, she felt the tiny, sleepy hair on her neck rising majestically as the tall, suavely dressed, familiar man stood up to make way for an award winner shuffling his way to the podium. ‘It will be nice if you could at least pay me a tenth of the attention you’re dishing out to that total stranger on the front row.’ Michael snarled at his partner for the night.
   Chloe was shaken out of her riveting reverie. ‘Michael, I’m sorry. I need to use the bathroom...’

Her stomach felt like it was falling apart anyway. A stinging storm has just kicked up in her near perfect life.

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