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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

From "Wizard of Time" by Sue Owen

Wizard of Time (Chasing History)Next up was one of the two biggest tournaments of the day. Jousting was to be held at the end of the day and next up was the sword tournament. There was a hush across the entire crowd as the competitors walked onto the field. There were about 40 in all again in all manner of dress. Towards one end, Josh saw what appeared to be a youngish man with a round bowler-type hat on his head. The reason he caught Josh’s eye was because he was dressed in the plaid tunic and short breaches with boots that Meri had on when he last saw her.

Suddenly his jaw dropped. He nudged Digger but saw he had the same expression on his face, looking at the lad. They both realized at the same time that young boy, in the sword tournament, was their very, own Meri.

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