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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

From "Harbingers of Mortality" by Steve Thomas

Harbingers of MortalityJeshu the assassin has attacked a Kalharian senator, only to discover that it was a soldier in disguise...

The soldier’s breathing was slow and steady as he closed the gap.  “I must say, assassin, I’m impressed.”  The soldier was advancing, and Jeshu backed toward the window.  “But honestly, how many senators did you expect us to let you kill here?  One dead senator is to be expected.  Two is greedy on your part.  Three is irresponsible on ours.” 

Jeshu laughed, trying to seem confident.  Trying to seem like he wasn’t barely avoiding a fatal stabbing every three seconds.  “I see Kalharia has discovered patterns.”

Jeshu lunged at the man’s shoulder, trying to find a weak point.  Stuffing puffed out of the cut, and he thought he felt iron underneath.  He couldn’t win this fight.  He had one hope.  He inched sideways, trying to look like he was feinting, until he was right in front of the window.

The gladius thrust again.  Jeshu jumped, and heard the shutters burst below him.

A quick backflip, and he was in the street and on the run.

He didn’t get far.  The City Watch had closed off all the streets around the hotel.  He had barely taken three steps before a guard tackled him.

It was supposed to be a simple mission.

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