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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

From "Secret of the Scarab" by Jay Roudebush

Secret of the ScarabI really had no alternative but to make a run for it. To some extent I had the element of surprise in my favour, and Heather was a good-sized mount. I counted on getting past him and to the open road before he realized what was happening.

The torch was only ten yards or so away.

I flung back the latch, dug my heels into Heather’s side, and screamed, “COME ANUBIS!” We crashed out of the stable into the night.
The rest was a blur. The man’s light shone directly in my eyes, blinding me. There was a loud explosion, followed by a shrill yelp from Anubis. I felt myself flying through the air.

Then: blackness.

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