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Thursday, September 1, 2011

From "Lodestone Book Three: The Crucible of Dawn" by Mark Whiteway

Lodestone Book Three: The Crucible of DawnThe "cavalry" comes over the hill!:

“Thank you, Miron,” Keris said. “But you have done your job. Now we must do ours. Please ensure that your people are well clear of the city centre.”

His eyes began to mist. “What of you, my Lady?”


“I trust the Chandara will bear you away from the keep before it falls.”

“The Chandara will not be joining us,” Keris said, flatly.

A bemused expression passed over his face. “Then what, may I ask, are those?”

The two women tracked his gaze, turned, and gasped. A huge flock of Chandara filled the sky above the city, wings silently beating the night air.

Ragged cheering broke out along the column of assorted wagons, carts, and drays, quickly doused by warning hushes.

“I don’t understand,” Shann said in wonder. “McCann failed to return before the flower bloomed. How—?”

“It doesn’t matter,” Keris cut her off. “None of that matters now.”

They came in like hope, like petals on the wind, dreaming summer.

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