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Thursday, October 13, 2011

From "An Affair To Remember" by Norma Budden

Chase turned the television on and nearly swore when he heard the report Lisa Newman had just broadcasted. Is she trying to get us killed? What source would have given her such false information?

I must be in someone’s way, but who and why? Where do I start looking for answers?

Monica had just stepped from the washroom and went white as a sheet when she saw a photo of the Scorpion tattoo flash across the television screen.


xlpharmacy said...

I haven't read this book, but I have heard that this was not good and not upto the expectations, but no matter what I has, i love reading..

Anonymous said...

nice idea, thanks for sharing...

Anonymous said...

Why would a pharmaceutical company leave such a negative review for a book which, for one, hasn't been read (personally) and, second, has gotten nothing but rave reviews on Amazon? I'd suggest reading this book and forming your own conclusions. ~ J.R. Stevens

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