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Thursday, October 13, 2011

From "Where to Belong" by W.J. Smith

The lights started to work with them.  There was a string of greens for several blocks before Chase slipped through a few yellows.  "We can't lose them," Madison muttered as the black SUV never left the mirror.

"If I can reach the expressway, we'll be fine."

"This isn't your fight, Chase."

He didn't respond and zipped through a light just as it turned red.  The sound of blaring horns told of their pursuers continuing after them.  Madison shook her head and tried to think.  There had to be a way to stop the madness.

The cars ahead of them came to a standstill.  Chase dove into the turn lane and pressed on until that one cluttered up as well.  He slammed on the brakes.  The little car slid to a screeching halt just shy of the bumper in front of them.  They were trapped.

Chase mumbled something that missed Madison's ears.  She was too busy watching the dark SUV pull up behind them.  Its grill filled the rearview mirror.


Anonymous said...

Good Book!

justin S. said...

Awesome all the way through

4rx said...

I'm glad I waited to begin this book on a day off. Once I began reading, I couldn't put it down. I hope Madison and Skyler's story is continued by W.J.Smith in future books because they are great characters. I highly recommend this book.

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