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Thursday, October 13, 2011

From "The Man of my Dreams" by Gladys Quintal

The man on the floor screamed out in agony and Cassie could hear the creature slurping and sucking.

“Oh God,” she thought “it is drinking his blood!”

She heard a blood curdling scream and then realised it was coming from her. The creature jerked It’s head up and looked towards her. It had long straggly hair and ice blue eyes, very pale skin and fangs. Blood was dripping from them and running down It's chin.

The features looked familiar and she realised it was him. The man who had made love to her in her dreams, the man who was the father of her baby. Only he wasn’t a man. He was some sort of animal sucking blood out of the body lying on the floor.

She screamed again and frantically tried to struggle herself free knowing that it was hopeless. The creature tilted his head sideways and looked at her as if with recognition. He forgot his meal and stood up and started to walk towards her. Cassie screamed and tried again to struggle free but she couldn’t get out of her shackles.

“No please don’t kill me she screamed, you said you loved me remember?”
It stopped and looked at her as if unsure of what she was saying. It tilted It’s head back opened It’s mouth and let out a piercing shriek.
Cassie fainted.

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