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Thursday, December 1, 2011

From "What it Takes" by Terri Thompson

Arianna awakes from her coma:

   What had happened to my family?  Why had I come back?  I didn’t for  one minute question whether it was real.  It hadn’t been a dream.  I  hadn’t hallucinated.  I had been there.  I had worked until my  muscles ached.  I had smelled the animals; seen the mountains around me.

   I had felt every emotion possible.  Fear when the twins had left me alone in the dark; anger at the prissy Penelope; a knot of excitement when Ray leaned over to kiss me; joy at laughing and joking with Red.  Love when looking at my family.  I had lived there and grown to love these people.  I had given my heart to the sexiest, kindest boy I had ever known and had been treated with love from each of them with a passion I hadn’t known was possible.

   And I had a friend whom I loved like a sister, who had been cruelly ripped away much too young.  And I knew, with all my heart that I couldn’t look them up in the phone book, couldn’t find their house and decide to drop in and say “hey.”  They were gone from me.


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